The $400 Million to Fund Terrorists


If what you are about to read is true, there is no doubt impeachment hearings should begin tomorrow. It is possibly the most dangerous time in history for an American to travel to the Middle East, and unfortunately it appears we have President Obama and his administration are to blame. The facts are still rolling in but according to the Wall Street Journal, CBS News and pretty much every major news outlet the President stepped outside of his powers given, and made a decision which could encourage kidnappings and terrorism abroad. Unfortunately, this didn’t just happen, which could explain some of the emboldened actions of terrorists attacking France and our other allies.

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say George W. Bush was a little reserved when it came to terrorists. For all of the criticism he received, every terrorist knew one thing – if you attacked or captured Americans you and your entire organization were probably going all die. There were no delusions of grandeur on the part of anyone threatening the United States of America during his tenure as President. The terrorists knew if they attacked us or any of our allies, we were going to kill them. It’s just the way things were.

According to the Wall Street Journal, CBS News and Fox News, this past January 17th President Obama and his administration sent $400 million by cargo plane in the form of Swiss Francs, Euros, and other foreign currencies on pallets to Tehran. This was done originally under the guise of a 1.7 billion dollar settlement we reached with Iran for arms deals dating back to the 1970’s. Last July, when Iran agreed to drop all nuclear programs and agree to UN inspections, we lifted an embargo against them that began in 1979. Because of this embargo lifting, Iran was able to sue us for the ten billion dollars we owed them, and the Hague Court was very likely going to uphold this amount. We convinced Iran to settle with us for 1.7 billion, and the administration used this settlement to hide the $400 million we sent the country of Iran to  release our citizens. The administration, including Secretary of State John Kerry claimed this money sent on the same day as a release was just part of the earlier 1.7 billion dollar settlement and had nothing to do with the hostages. Yeah. Right. Anyway, they claimed this was a coincidence.

The administration chose foreign currencies because under US Law it is illegal to send American Currencies overseas to pay ransoms, and especially cannot be done without at least Congressional Approval. The administration disclosed none of this to Congress, and in fact, denied it to a few of the Republican leaders. When questioned again about the hostage release, the Secretary of State referred to it proudly as a successful “breakthrough in negations”. The Secretary of State also graciously thanked Iran for the ten US Navy Sailors released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard just four days earlier. The gratefulness of Secretary of State John Kerry was quite boisterous, appearing all over news outlets throughout the world. The news here hasn’t even discussed the 10 US Navy Sailors in this context that I’ve seen, so there may be way more going on here than has been released.

On January 17th, after the release of the four hostages, Secretary Kerry said “This evening, we are really reminded once again of diplomacy’s power to tackle significant challenges.” No, Mr. Kerry. On January 17th you and our President opened a new door that we cannot shut under this administration. In fact, on that very same evening you likely empowered terrorism in a way they haven’t been empowered since September 11th, 2001.

On this date we sent a message to the world, and it’s the most damaging message we could have sent. Basically, we said this – “If you kidnap and threaten to kill our people and our soldiers, we will pay you off. We used to fight back. Under the George W. Bush administration you used to be scared that we would rescue our hostages and stop you from ever doing this again. Now, we basically will reward you and let it all go.” Isn’t this true? For the countless (and I do mean countless) amounts of criticism GW has received, he never once agreed to negotiate something like this, and then brazenly lie about it. The media tortured him and his administration every step of the way, and have portrayed him as an idiot, when he was almost always the smartest guy in the room. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own independent research on the truth about GW.

I am disgusted by these actions, and what this means for our country. I cannot believe our government didn’t have the foresight to see the problems giving terrorists $400 million would create for us and for the rest of the world. You have endangered missionaries, traveling students, our soldiers, and every other American who travels anywhere outside of our borders. Terrorists knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if they ever tried to take hostage any Americans or any of our allies, they would probably end up dead, along with most of their organization. Today we have learned we are now actually funding terrorism throughout the world. There is no middle ground. There can’t be.

If this is all true, there is absolutely no choice but to begin impeachment hearings immediately, including potential hearings for major violations of our laws by our President, his Secretary of State, and others within his administration. If they haven’t broken any laws, so be it. But if this true, the laws apply to them just like they apply to us. This also impacts my vote in this upcoming election, but I have no clue what this means right now regarding my vote. In the meantime, if I could leave you with one thought, it’s this –

Think of our world today and what has happened this year. Think of the attacks on our dear ally, the country of France. Think of everything you see on the news and ask yourself this one simple question. Are the terrorists in this world acting more or less bold? The answer to this question should have a major impact on how you should cast every vote this year, and how history will view this current administration. No one is exempt from our laws, especially our leaders. If they have broken the laws, they should absolutely be held accountable. We can’t be afraid of the truth. When we become afraid of the truth, we give fear prominence over freedom, and that is unacceptable for our country, and for Americans.  

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