Hi! My name is Thad Riley and I’m a writer, runner, speaker, and indoor cycling instructor out of Brentwood, New Hampshire. I’m also the husband to my best friend Melanie, dad and stepdad to Max, Kaitlin, Josh, Summer, Daniel, and Sammy.

We are thrilled to announce the release of God Is For You, my new book available on Amazon. It’s pages hold the story of my life with God, and how Jesus connects with us in our world today. A few years ago I wrote the Christmas Devotional 25 Days with Jesus  and lead an online study group every year throughout the month of December. You can catch my latest writing right here on my blog.

I have a few other projects I’m currently working on. I’m the architect behind the Facebook Group, The Big Idea:Bethany Church, a place where we deeply connect our church to the teachings of our Pastoral Team. I’m the original designer and now the Director of Krank, and indoor cycling program exclusively found at Rock Your Body in Fremont, New Hampshire.

If you’d like to talk to me about speaking to your church or group, or need some help with a writing project, feel  free to call me (603-397-9211) or email me (strider.thad@gmail.com).


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