A New Adventure

FullSizeRender (6)Their words flew by a mile a minute as Josh and Summer barely took a breath. Here I was driving two fifth graders to catch the bus from school to embark on a week’s adventure at Sargent Camp, and for them, there had never been a better Monday. Their sleeping bags, suitcases, pillows, and extra boots and a pair of sneakers were loaded into the back of the big, blue truck and everything they could possibly need for the week was crammed into the remaining space in their back packs.

“How many books did you bring, Summer?” the smiling teacher asked my daughter as we checked in inside of the school gymnasium.

“Only four,” Summer replied in her usual stoic demeanor.

“She’ll read them all, and maybe more than once!” Josh chimed in with a big smile.

“Oh. She should be all set then,” the teacher said laughingly.

I smiled and nodded, thinking about this girl of mine who read more and faster than anyone I had ever known. Now, if Josh’s enthusiasm and natural athleticism weren’t just a perfect fit for Sargent Camp, then what would be? He was excited for a week of adventure with all of his friends and to be away for the first time in his life. Summer was also excited, but maybe more about learning about the animals and nature. For a deep introvert like her, this week holds different challenges and different opportunities.
Summer and Josh were grinning and excited and quite ready for me to leave. I grabbed them and we all squeezed the tar out of each other in a group hug. When we were done laughing and hugging, I told them I loved them and walked away. Most of the parents weren’t leaving yet, but my kids didn’t need me to stay. It was time for them to be on their own, and those two were more than ready. I walked through a maze of hyper children, focused teachers and a mixture of confused, thrilled, sad, excited, indifferent, and happy parents. It’s weird when your kids go away for the first time to camp, but not for me. I’ve ridden in this rodeo before, and I know Josh and Summer are about to experience one of the best weeks of their lives.
Maybe you are, too, but maybe you just don’t know it. It’s Monday, right? Yes, a run to Market Basket needs to happen since we are low on canola oil, dog food, and bananas. My book is deep in editing, I’ve got a pile of laundry to fold, and I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ll be having for lunch. It’s Monday, and there is a ton to do, but this isn’t anything new, is it? Maybe you feel the same way right now. Maybe we are thinking about the wrong things.
It’s the start of the week, though, and what if I could tell you your week would be just as exciting as Josh and Summer’s? What if this turned out to be one of the greatest weeks of your life, and what if the adventure you’re about to go on is going to be something you will remember for the rest of your life? Josh and Summer woke up with grateful hearts and a giant pile of enthusiasm. What if we woke up every day thanking God for this adventure and embracing this amazing day he has given us? What if we woke up determined to make the most out of every relationship and to jump on every opportunity God gives us? Hasn’t he already provided for us in so many perfect ways? Today, I’m reflecting on the faces of those kids, who might just understand life a little better than I did when I woke up this morning. I’m also reflecting on the adventure of this week and how I can be obedient and follow my Lord down whatever path he leads me. I hope your week is filled with gratefulness and adventure, too, my friends, and always remember what God has already done.


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