Star Wars Final 2 Movie Predictions

star wars


In what may go down as my most controversial blog post to date, here are my predictions for the next two Star Wars movies, the next of which, The Last Jedi, will be released on December 15th of this year. Sure,  I have watched some videos and red some threads on Reddit about what could happen, but I couldn’t truly find any predictions to my liking or actually big enough to be of epic proportions. I am going into this, however, with zero research regarding specific rumors.  These are simply my interpretations of where we are headed based mostly on the previous six movies. I will do my best to order this thoughtfully. Here goes –

– In the last Jedi, a new tension will greatly rise in the relationship of Kylo and Rey, to the point where they are actually falling in love. This is very Beren and Luthien (From Tolkien), a relationship of opposites, yet very pure in heart. We will actually be cheering for this relationship in movie 9.

– A big twist is that Rey will turn to the dark side, or so it will seem, and it is Kylo who leaves to follow Luke. Towards the end of the Last Jedi Kylo watches helplessly as his mother is killed by Snoke’s ship, and Kylo is done with the First Order. Finn tried to save Leia, and for his efforts he is promoted to General at the start of the Ninth movie. Finn is force sensitive and has some powers of sight, but that is all. He is not a Jedi. Kylo, in the meantime, abandons Snoke and is done. He has seen the dark side destroy his parents, and his grandfather, and he is done.

– The end of The Last Jedi will go out just as the identity of Snoke is about to be revealed. First, however, we are surprised there are not one, but TWO (you only will hear this from me!) Sith Lords. The second is an advisor to Snoke, and has great, almost unmatched power. But he wants Snoke in charge, so he can cause chaos on his own terms throughout the galaxy. We learn this second Sith Lord actually raised Snoke from the dead, and so Snoke is attached to him for the rest of his days. This is the end of second movie, but at the beginning of the third we are stunned to realize Snoke is actually…

– Darth Vader! He is back, and he was raised from the dead by the evil Sith Lord, Darth Plagueis. Plagueis (referred to first by Palpatine in episode 2) was the Sith Lord who trained Palpatine, long before even episode 1. It was Palpatine who killed Plagueis, or so he thought. Plagueis is best known for having power over death, and uses the dark side of the force to do such things. At the end of movie two we are left with the shock of Rey joining Snoke (Vader but we don’t know it yet) and Plagueis (we have no clue here either). All of this is revealed early in episode 3.

– Rey is actually the granddaughter of Palpatine, and this is why she is so powerful. Vader and Plagueis torment her endlessly with her grandfather’s past, and convince her it is her destiny to  follow in his footsteps. But she loves Kylo and has great problems with her own turn to the dark side.

– Luke is almost killed by Snoke and the other Sith Lord at the end of two when he goes to save Rey, but he escapes (due to Kylo in a crazy move at the last second) and they plan to save Rey and stop the two Sith Lord’s.

– Vader (once revealed in movie 3) puts the helmet and Vader gear back on, and leads the First Order into one great final battle against the new rebellion, led by Luke, Kylo, and Finn. Rey seems to stand with the First Order, but in the end will turn and fight in a glorious 3 against 2 battle (Rey, Kylo, Luke vs Vader and Plagueis). Luke dies, and Vader and Plagueis are finally destroyed once and for all).

– Somewhere in movie 9, the setup will begin for a new series of Star Wars movies, but I believe first they will go back to more ancient times, to the first days of the Jedi.

So, this is it. These are my best predictions of movies 8 and 9 in the Star Wars Series. What do you think? Feel free to ask questions!


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