Hey CNN. I’d like to help.


Dear CNN,

Good morning! I’d like to help. I think we could both say lately you’ve had a tough go of things. The term “Fake News” has changed the public’s perception of who you are, and there have been some pretty hard accusations. What has probably been the most damaging (and flat out bizarre) has been the multiple videos on YouTube of reporters staging scenes attempting to sway our opinions. I’ve seen a few, and it’s not good. Frankly, those videos more resemble a couple of college guys trying to pull off a prank than a world class news organization reporting breaking news (here’s one example https://youtu.be/2ObbTX_nMGk). And those retractions continue to happen, to the point where each story is in question before we even begin reading it. It’s kind of the worst possible scenario for you all.

It wasn’t so long ago I used to jump on your site as medium point between Fox and MSNBC. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all known for a few decades that you slant to the liberal side, but it worked well with Fox’s conservative bent and MSNBC’s panic stricken liberal agenda. Don’t get me wrong, I’m mostly a Republican, but it doesn’t mean I’m not looking for some balance in how I get my news. Before President Trump ran for office, you all were a pretty good balance with Fox News. Now, you’ve lost about all of your credibility with the American people, at least with anyone who is paying attention.

At your recent Time Warner shareholders meeting, I cringed at a few painful moments when some of your stockholders begged you to stop being part of the “resistance” movement against the President. Shareholder David Almasi cited at the meeting “data from the Media Research Center indicating that among the CNN panelists dissecting the May 9th firing of FBI director James Comey, 96 were anti-Trump and seven were pro-Trump.”

Honestly, that 96 anti-Trump versus 7 pro doesn’t mean you still can’t report the news with integrity, right? But instead of pursuing excellence and truth in journalism, your reporting now is about as trustworthy as those ab belts, you know the ones that you put batteries in and that creepy gel on your stomach and they shook your belly, as you dreamed of the weight falling off. Did you ever try those? I didn’t, but I sold a few at a company I once worked for. Can I just tell you how angry folks were when they recalled those ab belts? I wonder if you feel like that old ab belt maker right now? I wonder if you’re sick of your integrity being constantly in question.

Hey! My letter to you isn’t all doom and gloom, so give me just a few more words and we can find our way through this. I have a couple of ideas, and I know you don’t know me, but we could give this a shot and maybe I can help you save your network from this nightmare you’re stuck in. Here’s my thoughts –

First, you need a better balance on your reporting and editorial teams. When only seven percent of your staff supports the sitting President, you and I both know there’s going to be some serious issues. Oh, and I’m not saying you should be at 50%, because honestly that isn’t necessary to have the integrity required for a news organization like yourself. As harsh as it sounds, you need to let go of anyone with a history of reporting “fake news” (or even slightly slanted news), and it needs to happen from the top down. And within this thought, you need to bring your total of conservatives on staff to at least 40% at minimum. I don’t care what party they associate with, but you need some true conservatives on your news team. But the first priority is firing anyone involved in any way, shape or form in reporting fake news.

Second, you us an apology. We (the American people) trusted you to report the actual news, and yes we all knew you were always liberal, but we didn’t believe you were creating fake news. Now that this is documented and factual, you should recognize this publicly, confess what you’ve done, and then help us to move on. With a new team and with more openness about your reporting, we can get through this together. But this won’t happen if 92.8% of your staff directly opposes a sitting President. In fact, I think if you don’t balance out your staff in the next three months, this could be the end of your network as you know it. I don’t think you will ever recover, and most of us will question every story you ever report. Also, included in this apology you need to confess and repent of your brutal online bullying and threats to the Reddit user who created that video of the President kicking your butt. IT WAS A JOKE, and you all take yourself soooooo seriously. Way, way too seriously. I was personally disgusted in how you handled that situation, and you need to include those actions in your apology. And never, ever go there or anywhere near there again.

Third, and finally, you need to make your headlines for the next two weeks (MINIMUM) to focus on the good happening in our world today. You must walk away permanently from this toxic narrative, the narrative that you helped create. Oh, you don’t think you’re responsible? Oh, you’re blaming the President or someone else? Not.A.Shocker. Listen, it’s time for a little accountability and honesty. More than almost anyone else, your network is precisely what is wrong with America right now, and you might as well change your name to TNN (Toxic News Network). With a new team on board this can and should happen. Like ASAP.

I know you’re trying new stunts and leveraging your relationships with celebrities and even popular YouTubers, but the people you’ve enlisted are liberals. Um, how is that supposed to help actually? Until you agree there is a problem and take decisive action, things will remain as they are and no one will believe that you actually report the news anymore. You’ve become a laughingstock with most of us, and your early moves to fix things are actually making everything worse. I’m not sure who is making all these decisions, but you all appear pretty clueless right now. So clueless, it almost appears you’re trying to destroy yourself from the inside and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. It’s just really weird.

I hope this helps, CNN, but I’m not hopeful you’ll pay any attention to a guy like me. These are a few obvious ways to fix the disaster you’re in, but if you can’t admit you’re in trouble, I guess there’s nothing left for me to say.

Except that I won’t be turning to you anymore for any hope of factual reporting. I’m sorry, but I can’t separate CNN from the words “fake news” anymore. And I probably never will be able to again.


Someone Who Cares

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