Why Evangelicals Should Vote for Hilary Clinton


Over the past week, The Gospel Coalition has received criticism for a post gone viral about why Evangelical Leaders should encourage their followers to vote for Hilary Clinton. Most of the points, however, were more anti-Trump than anything else. They were also a bit mean-spirited and written by a lifelong Democrat, who said he had recently become a Republican, but decided he was voting for Hilary Clinton. Okay. Anyway, a firestorm of responses ensued, most of which are smartly written with solid arguments. The mistake made by The Gospel Coalition was producing a post that never made a truly compelling case as to why Evangelicals should vote for Hilary Clinton as the next POTUS, when the title of the post said it would. Over the next several days, I will write three posts, in light of this void.

Let’s begin our journey with seven important reasons Evangelicals should consider voting for Hilary Clinton in November. In my next post, I will make the same case for Donald Trump. The final post will be a little more interesting. I will attempt to make the case for a third party candidate and the responsibility of Evangelicals leading and uniting our communities in providing that candidate. As a voter who is traditionally a Republican, I find it quite amazing how undecided I actually am. My research and this work will be as much for me as anyone else. With that being said, let’s take a look at why Evangelicals should vote for Hilary Clinton.

First, her experience is second to none. She will be almost impossible to catch off guard, due to one of the most impressive resumes of any candidate we’ve seen. As the former First Lady, the United States Senator from New York, and the Secretary of State, there is almost nothing she won’t be ready for. We NEED our President to be ready! Don’t underestimate her experience just because First Lady isn’t an elected position. Residing eight years in the White House, she knows the in’s and out’s necessary for a smooth transition. She is familiar with heads of state and foreign leaders, cultural practices all over the world, the daily demands required of the office, and all the little things we never see or hear. She was extremely active as a US Senator and had an energized following in NY. Regardless of her performance or how you feel about the work she actually did, her experience is excellent and there probably isn’t a more qualified candidate from the perspective of a resume. From a biblical perspective, David, usually considered Israel’s greatest King, was a seasoned leader before taking over. It was many years after the defeat of Goliath and having slayed his “tens of thousands” that David actually became King. In fact, in one of David’s first moments as King he demonstrated his maturity by mourning the death of King Saul, which provided the void for David to fill. Without seasoning, David would not have been able to handle this transition. Experience is often what God uses to prepare us to lead his people.

Second, she is well-respected throughout the world. There will be little to no drama in dealings with the UN, European Leaders, even though her popularity is less than that of the current President. She has solid relationships with heads of state, as I mentioned before. With Bill by her side, she should have power and respect as we work with our allies and pursue terrorists. For Christians, her international relationships could possibly open more doors to Americans throughout the world, which means this could create opportunities to share the gospel in places we’ve never been able to get into before. Even though she would likely do nothing to help missions in our world, we need the doors to be wide open and out of all of the candidates, she is our best hope.

Third, she has Bill. No President before her could point to their spouse, say “We make a great team!”, and actually have a lot of clout in the argument. Everyone else is more lip service. She’s legit. Bill, once a professed Southern Baptist, is still incredibly popular in many Christian circles. One of my former pastors used to meet with him on a regular basis as his spiritual mentor. From everything I’ve seen I believe Bill is a Christian, and a revival in his heart could mean everything to our country. Despite some of the choices he has made, there is a solid theological foundation there, which is encouraging. If God moves in the heart of Bill, Hilary might also submit to God’s authority in her life, and then all bets are off and it’s a whole new game!

Fourth, she would be our first female President. When I think of powerful female leaders in the bible, I think of the wise and incredibly courageous Deborah, who intimidated armies of men. I also think of the brave and resolute Esther, who stood up to the King, knowing she could be killed for what she did. If Mrs. Clinton chooses to follow their examples, the sky is the limit. There is unlimited potential for our country if Deborah and Esther become two of her role models.

Fifth, and this is a stretch, but even if her policies and actions make us more like the Israel in the desert building golden cows to worship, her Presidency could lead our country into a time of repentance, and if ANYTHING would bring God’s blessings upon the United States of America, it would be repentance. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people who are called by my name, would humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.” Sometimes electing a President and allowing someone into leadership who you disagree with and who would not apparently submit to the One, True God, is the precursor to moving a nation into a time of struggle and mourning, and then into a time of repentance. If America becomes a country with a repentant heart and humble spirit, God will be doing some seriously amazing things in and all around us. This might be more applicable for those who are choosing to not vote, and if you do I want to tell you it’s okay. Voting isn’t a requirement, though scripturally we are absolutely urged to be involved with our communities. If you are in prayer, and are led to vote for Hilary, or cast no vote, who are we to argue with what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life? But please, please, please vote!

Sixth, my number one issue is life, and yours should be, too. All lives matter. Between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton we do not have a staunch pro-life candidate who will put their foot down and end abortion. Mr. Trump may state he is pro-life, but I don’t have a massive vibe that abortion is going to be put back into Hell where it belongs anytime soon. If this is the case and neither candidate from the parties will change anything about abortion in our country, does it make Hilary any different from this perspective than Donald? The personal beliefs we each hold are one thing, but if Donald Trump isn’t willing to outlaw this barbaric practice, than what are his actual beliefs? We don’t have a clean cut case for the Republican Nominee being pro-life as we have had in the past, and frankly, where has that gotten us? If this is the case, and it appears to be, I’m not sure the voting for life is as relevant as it has been in past elections.

Seventh and finally, she is not the staunch liberal many have portrayed her to be. Yes, she is more liberal than Bill ever was, yet less than our current President. According to the votes cast while she was a US Senator, along with compilation of online studies based on her overall work in politics, Hilary Clinton is a more moderate, slightly left-leaning Democrat. This is not a thumbs up for her work as the Senator from New York, but when terrorists attacked or the economy needed everybody to get involved, there were times she was in line with the Republicans. This could create some opportunities for the Republicans in Congress to work with her and to unite the country. Of course, if it is united in a way that leads us away from obedience to God, it would better if she was in a street fight with congress for the next four years.

Which of these points is the most important to you in this upcoming election? I have a few at the top of my list, and as my research continues, I will keep you apprised of my findings as I go. There are some compelling reasons to consider voting for Hilary Clinton on her own merits, and not just because we are afraid of what Donald Trump might bring to the table. In that light, tomorrow I will share with you my reasons why Evangelicals should consider electing Donald Trump as their next President.

May God bring us peace and unity as a country seeking his will as we prepare to vote for our next President. This isn’t an easy decision to make, but if we trust in the Lord and “lean not our own understanding” he will “complete a good work in us” and give us guidance this fall. Tomorrow, we talk Trump.

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